Earth’s Changing Surface

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Web links and additional reading for each lesson cluster
Agents of Change Lessons.pdf

Earth’s Surface Changes Lessons.pdf

Movements of Earth’s Crust Lessons.pdf

Photo Cards, Teacher Masters, and Visuals
Earth’s Changing Surface Photo Cards
Earth’s Changing Surface Teachers Masters
Earth’s Changing Surface Visual Packet

Teacher Video: Building a River Table
Teacher Video: Rock Jars
Teacher Video: Glaciers Demonstration
Teacher Video: Windstorm Box Setup
Teacher Video: Volcano Setup

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  1. A tremendous gush of lava in Iceland that began six weeks ago shows no signs of slowing. The eruption, on a plain of old lava called Holuhraun in the Bárðarbunga volcanic system, has spewed out enough molten rock so far to fill 740 Empire State buildings and has buried, on average, an area the size of an NFL football field every 5.5 minutes.

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